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Prime Unicorn Index: The Definitive Benchmark for Venture-Backed Unicorns The Prime Unicorn Index reflects real-time activity utilizing both primary and secondary pricing for venture-backed, late-stage companies. START YOUR FREE TRIAL Benchmark and Analytics for the Private Markets since 2017 Benchmark How is my portfolio performing against my peers? Value and Measure Accurately price an investor’s […]

Somatus, Inc. Bucks the Trend With its Latest Round

Somatus, Inc. partners with leading health plans, health systems, and nephrology and primary care groups to provide integrated care for patients with or at risk of developing kidney disease. As the market leader in value-based kidney care, Somatus’ vertically integrated clinical services and technology delay or prevent disease progression, improve quality and care coordination, and […]

Alto Pharmacy Holdings- No Longer a Unicorn?

Alto Pharmacy Holdings, Inc. (FKA: ScriptDash, Inc.; AKA: Alto Pharmacy) operates a distributor of medication and applies innovative technology to provide a patient-centric pharmacy and offer patients a convenient pharmacy experience and accessible healthcare. It is also a component in the Prime Unicorn Index benchmark, the standard bearer for private markets benchmarking. In January 2022, Alto […]

Pacaso’s Unicorn Status in Jeopardy

Pacaso, Inc. (FKA: Landholdings, Inc.) is modernizing the practice of co-ownership by creating a marketplace that makes buying, owning, and selling a second home easy. It is also a component in the Prime Unicorn Index benchmark, the standard bearer for private markets benchmarking. In September 2021, Pacaso raised $125mm in a Series C Preferred round […]

6Sense Insights Common Shares Down 47.17%

6Sense Insights provides a predictive intelligence engine designed to transform both sales and marketing for business-to-business (B2B) companies. The company accelerates sales by finding buyers at every stage of the funnel. Using time-sensitive behavioral data, the company offers predictions to uncover net-new companies and contacts the funnel when it is most valuable and prioritizes known […]

Mythical Games Remains a Unicorn by the Skin of its Teeth

Mythical, Inc. (DBA: Mythical Games) is a next-generation game technology studio creating new gaming economies driven by player ownership. It is also a component in the Prime Unicorn Index benchmark, the standard bearer for private markets benchmarking. In November 2021, Mythical raised $150mm in a Series C Preferred round led by a16z, D1 Capital Partners, […]

JUUL Labs, Inc. Common Shares Down 78.31%

JUUL Labs, Inc. (DBA: JUUL) is a tobacco company that manufactures vaporization products. The company has developed the JUUL vaporizer that has regulated temperature control and uses a JUULpod filled with a proprietary e-liquid formulation that combines glycerol, propylene glycol, natural oils, extracts and flavor, nicotine, and benzoic acid. It is also a component in […]

Components in the News May 9, 2023: DataBricks Acquires Okera, Ripple Spends $200M on Legal Defense, & More

What our Analysts Have Been Reading….     Overview Databricks Acquires Okera Brex Announces New Global Capabilities Ripple CEO Claims Legal Fight with SEC Will Cost Company $200M Juul to Pay $462M to Six States Over Youth Addiction Claim National Resilience Secures $410M Loan for Domestic Biomanufacturing ______________________________________________________________________ Databricks recently acquired Okera, an AI-focused data governance […]

New Components: Q2 2023

Last week was Reconstitution week for the Prime Unicorn Index, meaning companies meeting the eligibility requirements were added as components, while those who have lost their unicorn status were removed, according to the methodology. This quarter, we are excited to introduce two new components, Nova Labs and In addition, Temporal Technologies was removed. Nova […]