Somatus, Inc. Bucks the Trend With its Latest Round

Somatus, Inc. partners with leading health plans, health systems, and nephrology and primary care groups to provide integrated care for patients with or at risk of developing kidney disease. As the market leader in value-based kidney care, Somatus’ vertically integrated clinical services and technology delay or prevent disease progression, improve quality and care coordination, and increase the use of home dialysis modalities and rates of kidney transplantation. It is also a component in the Prime Unicorn Index benchmark, the standard bearer for private markets benchmarking.

In February 2022, Somatus raised roughly $342mm in a Series E Preferred round led by Wellington, with participation from Fidelity, Inova Health System, and others which valued the company at $2.5 billion on a post-money valuation basis at a preferred price per share of $872.63. On June 29, 2023, it authorized a Series F Preferred round at $1106.28 per share, raising the company’s valuation to over $3.5 billion. This led to the first upward price movement in the Prime Unicorn Index since January 4, 2023.

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