The Landscape of Upcoming Unicorn IPOs

The IPO market is buzzing with anticipation as several unicorn companies, including Discord, ServiceTitan, Astera Labs, and Rubrik, are speculated to be contemplating going public, as reported in The Information. This comes amidst a backdrop of a revitalized tech IPO market, which, despite facing headwinds like high interest rates and macroeconomic ambiguity, has witnessed the successful listings of companies like Instacart, Arm, and Klaviyo.


Discord, a popular chat app, is among the venture-backed companies that investors are closely watching. The platform has become a communication giant, especially among gamers, and its potential listing is eagerly anticipated, although the exact timing remains undisclosed. Discord’s last funding round was a $500 million Series I, valuing the company at $14.4 billion.


Similarly, ServiceTitan, a software firm specializing in solutions for home service businesses, is also on the radar for a possible IPO. The company has been a significant player in the software industry, and its listing could be a pivotal moment in its growth trajectory. ServiceTitan’s last round was a $365 million Series H, bringing its valuation to $5.8 billion.

Astera Labs

Astera Labs is another name in the mix. The semiconductor startup has been in discussions with bankers about potential listing plans for early 2024, signaling its intentions to explore the public markets. Astera Labs secured $150 million in its last Series D round, valuing the company at $2.7 billion.


Rubrik, a data management and cybersecurity firm, has been actively meeting with investors and analysts. The company is at the break-even point in terms of cash flow and is shifting more of its revenue mix to subscription software, anticipating faster growth in the coming years. Rubrik’s last funding was a $375 million Series E, valuing the company at $3.1 billion.


Databricks is another sought-after company in the private tech world. Specializing in unified data analytics, Databricks has raised money privately this year, indicating that tapping into public markets may not be an immediate necessity, but it remains a company of interest for potential future listings. Databricks’ last round was a $500 million Series I, valuing the company at $35 billion on September 14, 2023.

The Market Scenario and Investor Sentiment

The tech IPO market is currently navigating through a series of challenges, including high interest rates and the ongoing Fed tightening cycle, creating a sense of macroeconomic uncertainty. However, the successful IPOs of several tech companies have injected a dose of optimism into the market, with many believing that the IPO market will broadly open in 2024.


The potential IPOs of these unicorn companies are being closely monitored by investors and market analysts. While the exact timing and certainty of these IPOs remain speculative, the market conditions and the companies’ strategic decisions in the coming months will be crucial in shaping the future IPO landscape. The unfolding developments will be a testament to the resilience and adaptability of these companies in navigating the intricate dynamics of going public in a market marred by uncertainties.