Sentry: Another Fallen Unicorn?

Functional Software (DBA: Sentry) risks losing its eligibility as a Prime Unicorn Index component after its valuation slipped below $1 billion. Once worth $2.5 billion, the company saw its share price slide 67.7% in recent weeks in the secondary market, reducing its valuation to nearly $806 million. Sentry provides application monitoring and error-tracking solutions. The […] Loses Short-Lived Unicorn Status, a Houston-based e-commerce platform, will likely lose its eligibility as a Prime Unicorn Index component after a secondary transaction caused the company to slip below a $1 billion valuation. provides a comprehensive suite of services for online retailers, enabling them to manage and grow their businesses effectively. Their offering includes tools for website […]

Mark43 Authorizes Huge Down Round

On March 26, 2024, Mark43, a Prime Unicorn Index component most recently valued at $1.5 billion, authorized a new Series F round that marked down its share price by a whopping 86.7%. Mark43 is a technology company that provides cloud-based software solutions for public safety agencies, including law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical services. […]

Don’t Call It a Comeback: Astera Labs Soars in IPO

As the tech industry emerges from its IPO drought, this week marks a significant turning point with the launch of some of the first tech IPOs of 2024. Among them, Reddit and Astera Labs stand out as highly anticipated public offerings. Astera Labs, in particular, holds the spotlight as a Prime Unicorn Index component that […]

Up Rounds in a Challenging VC Landscape

In recent times, the venture capital landscape has been characterized by a cautious approach, with down rounds and flat rounds becoming increasingly common as investors recalibrate their expectations in a shifting economic environment. However, amidst this cautious backdrop, there are standout companies that defy the trend, securing up rounds that signal strong investor confidence and […]

Tiger Global’s Investments in the Prime Unicorn Index

Tiger Global Management, the prominent investment firm founded by Chase Coleman, has gained attention for its aggressive venture capital investing in recent years. The firm has backed numerous high-growth technology companies, including 44 Prime Unicorn Index components, across sectors like software, consumer, healthcare, and more. In this post, we’ll highlight some of Tiger Global’s investments […]

Freenome Raises $254 Million Down Round

Freenome, a Prime Unicorn Index component once valued at $2.6 billion, recently raised a $254 million Series F down round. Freenome is a biotechnology company specializing in developing blood tests for early cancer detection. Using artificial intelligence and advanced genomics, Freenome aims to identify cancerous cells in the bloodstream early, potentially improving treatment outcomes and […]

Bolt to Buy Back Shares at 97% Markdown

Bolt Financial (DBA: Bolt), a Prime Unicorn Index component last valued at $9.2B, is planning to buy back shares from its investors at a $300 million valuation, a significant markdown from its last fundraising round in January 2022, according to The Information. Bolt is an e-commerce technology company that focuses on simplifying the checkout experience […]

Inari Raises $103 Million Series F Round

In January, Inari authorized a Series F flat round, which we covered here. Now, the company has announced a $103 million raise, bumping its valuation to $1.7B.  “These investments represent further external validation of Inari’s innovative technology and confidence in our creation of significant economic and environmental value by delivering our breakthrough, nature-positive products to […]

IPO Update: Unicorns Gearing up for 2024 IPOs

Overview In September, we highlighted several Prime Unicorn Index components poised for IPOs. Now, two of these companies, Rubrik and Astera Labs, are moving toward their public debuts in the coming months. This update will look at both of these companies and the implications this could have on the IPO landscape in 2024. Astera Labs […]