Lacework in Talks to be Acquired by Wiz at a Steep Discount

Lacework, a company once valued at $6.6 billion by the Prime Unicorn Index, is in talks to be acquired by Wiz for $150-200 million, according to The Information. Both companies are startups offering cloud security software.

Lacework has raised over $1.85 billion, most recently raising a massive $1.3 billion Series D in November 2021. Its investors include Sutter Hill, Altimeter, D1 Capital, Tiger Global, Franklin Templeton, and Counterpoint Global, among others.

Since its last round, Lacework was marked down 58.3% to a valuation of roughly $3.1 billion following two consecutive Employee Plan Exemption Notices, or EPENs, that indicate a decrease in the price of common shares issued to company executives. These were filed in January 2022 and May 2023.

See how Lacework has performed below.