Inari Authorizes Series F Flat Round

Inari Agriculture, a Prime Unicorn Index Component, recently filed a Certificate of Incorporation (COI) on December 21, 2023, that authorized a new Series F round at $12.40 PPPS, the same price as its Series E round. 

Inari Agriculture is a seed technology startup that uses new breeding technology to design seeds for a more sustainable global food system. Inari’s platform combines biological and data sciences to create approaches that reduce the land, water, and other inputs required to produce food and feed. The company has raised a total of $468.55 million and was valued at $1.58 billion following its last round.

On August 18, 2022, Inari raised a $118.54 million Series E round at $12.40 PPPS. Investors include Flagship Pioneering, Alexandria Venture Investments, Investment Corporation of Dubai, Rivas Capital, G Squared, Pavilion Capital, Banque Pictet, EDB Investments, and Acre Venture Partners.