Farmer’s Business Network


Farmer’s Business Network Inc., located in San Carlos, CA, is a pivotal entity in the agritech sector. It is also a component of the Prime Unicorn Index. With its innovative solutions and extensive reach, the company stands out as a significant contributor to advancements in agricultural practices and technologies. It operates in the realm of software, providing prepackaged solutions that cater to the diverse needs of the farming community.


Farmer’s Business Network Inc. originated with the aim of revolutionizing the agricultural sector through cutting-edge software solutions. The company’s focus is on addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by farmers and providing them with tools and resources to enhance productivity and sustainability. It integrates modern technologies to offer software that is not only user-friendly but also comprehensive in addressing the diverse needs of its clientele.

Funding and Valuation

The company has attracted substantial investments, reflecting its potential and the confidence of investors in its vision and offerings. It has raised a total of $871.6 million over 9 rounds from investors such as Google Ventures, Blackrock, Kleiner Perkins, T. Rowe Price, Temasek, DBL Partners, and others. FBN’s last raise was a Series G funding round on September 15, 2021. During this round, the company secured $300.00 million in equity, reaching a valuation of $3.7 billion. This substantial funding underscores the value and impact of Farmer’s Business Network Inc. in the agricultural sector, highlighting its role as a game-changer in agritech innovations.


Farmer’s Business Network Inc. exemplifies innovation and progress in the agritech sector. With its state-of-the-art software solutions, it is at the forefront of transforming agricultural practices and empowering farmers. The substantial investments and high valuation of the company are a testament to its pivotal role and the immense potential it holds in shaping the future of agriculture. The company’s trajectory indicates a promising future, with the potential to bring about substantial positive changes in the agricultural landscape.

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