Component Highlights: CaptivateIQ

In the competitive landscape of software companies, CaptivateIQ stands out as a notable component of the Prime Unicorn Index. The Prime Unicorn Index benchmark, the standard bearer for private markets benchmarking, tracks post-money valuations for U.S-based, VC-backed private companies.  Reflecting the broader private market, the Index is down 7.01% year to date and dropped 15.37% in 2022. 

About CaptivateIQ

CaptivateIQ is a renowned software company specializing in commission solutions. It empowers companies to streamline their commission processes with automation, thereby reducing errors and enhancing efficiency. The platform is designed to offer flexibility, allowing businesses to manage commissions in a more transparent and timely manner, which is integral in motivating sales teams and fostering a more productive working environment.

Funding History

CaptivateIQ’s journey in the venture capital landscape has been marked by substantial and consistent investments, evident through its Series A, B, and C funding rounds. The company embarked on its funding journey in April 2020, raising $16.59 million at a valuation of $44 million, with a Preferred Price Per Share (PPPS) of $1.28 during its Series A round.

Subsequently, in April 2021, CaptivateIQ garnered $45.75 million in its Series B funding round, witnessing a significant valuation jump to $273 million, and the PPPS rose to $6.38. 

By January 2022, CaptivateIQ attained unicorn status with a $1.1 billion valuation after securing $100 million in its Series C funding, setting the PPPS at $23.30. 

Investors in CaptivateIQ include Sequoia, ICONIQ, Accel, Sapphire Ventures, Y Combinator, Amity Ventures, and s28 Capital.

Future Prospects

Given the rapid digitization of businesses and the increasing importance of sales teams in driving business growth, the need for efficient and accurate commission management solutions is more crucial than ever. CaptivateIQ, with its robust platform and continuous innovations, is well-positioned to leverage this market opportunity.

See how CaptivateIQ has performed against the Prime Unicorn Index below: