Anthropic Authorizes Series D: Share Price Jumps 167%

Earlier this week, we introduced Anthropic as a new component of the Prime Unicorn Index. Just recently, the AI giant has filed a new COI that authorized a Series D round at $30 per preferred share, a significant increase in share price from its Series C preferred price of $11.54.

This round gives Anthropic a pre-money valuation of roughly $12.5 billion, up from its Series C valuation of $4.6B in May 2023. This filing follows rumors that Anthropic has been raising $750 million in a round led by Menlo Ventures, which would put its post-money valuation at $13.25 billion. Last fall, Anthropic announced an additional investment of $1.25 billion through convertible notes from Amazon, which could be increased to a total of $4 billion. The company was also rumored to have raised up to $2 billion from Google.

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