Components in the News March 28, 2023: Raises, Rockets, and Removals


      What our Analysts Have Been Reading….


SpaceX Planning a New Raise

Brex Expands into Travel Services

Relativity Launches Terran 1 Rocket, But Fails to Make Orbit

Carta Removes Public Companies from its Platform

EquipmentShare Announces Expansion


A subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s investment fund and an Abu Dhabi investment firm are planning to invest in a multibillion-dollar funding round for SpaceX.

Brex plans to expand into travel, allowing customers to book and manage travel expenses using its platform. It will compete with companies such as Navan, Concur, and Ramp.

Relativity launched its Terran 1 rocket, the largest ever 3D-printed rocket, but it failed to make orbit. Relativity still marked the launch as a success, saying it pavs the way for the launch of its Terran R rocket.

Carta appears to be scrapping its equity management services for public companies, as its public market clients have been asked to quit using the platform this spring. In 2020, Carta’s CEO said he intended to put the NYSE out of business.

EquipmentShare announced an expansion to its headquarters in Columbia, MO. This expansion will lead to 500 new hires and involves a $100M investment into a new, high-tech campus.

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