Components in the News April 12, 2023: Devoted Health Cuts Losses, Leaked Documents’ Ties to Discord, & More


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Devoted Health Narrowed Losses in 2022

Leaked Intelligence Documents May Have Originated on Discord

Databricks Launches New Lakehouse for Manufacturing

Gopuff Turns to Uber for Delivery Help

Montenegro to Develop CBDC Pilot with Ripple


Devoted Health has been outperforming many rival insurance startups, cutting its losses while many competitors struggle. In addition, the company has outpaced its publicly-traded competition in onboarding new members to its Medicare Advantage plan.

Recently leaked US Intelligence documents may have gotten their start in a Discord chatroom. According to reports, an anonymous user began sharing documents a few months ago on a server discussing the war in Ukraine.

Databricks has launched a new lakehouse focused on manufacturing. This is its fifth industry-specific lakehouse and comes with predictive maintenance and digital twin capabilities.

Gopuff is using rivals Uber and DoorDash to deliver some of its orders, as it sees a drop in demand following the end of the lockdown era. The delivery service has confirmed that at least 4% of orders are being delivered using its rivals.

Montenegro’s central bank is developing a CBDC pilot in partnership with Ripple. The central bank will identify the practical application of a digital currency and come up with a design to simulate its circulation.

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