Components in the News February 28, 2023: NFT Rental Properties, SpaceX Delays, & More

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Roofstock Sells Rental Property Via NFT

Whoop Lowers Subscription Prices

Via in Talks to Acquire Citymapper

SpaceX Mission to ISS Called Off at Last Minute

Altria Plans to Sell its 35% Stake in Juul


Roofstock sold an Alabama rental property as an NFT through Roofstock onChain. The property sold for $180,000 on the NFT marketplace Origin Protocol and it is the first home to have been purchased on such a marketplace using on-chain leverage from Teller protocol.

Whoop lowered its subscription prices for both its one-year and two-year plans while also adding new features, such as a muscular strain metric. One-year subscriptions will cost $239, down from $300, while two-year plans will cost $399, down from $480.

Via is in talks to acquire Citymapper. According to insiders, the deal could be struck within weeks and will likely be at a fraction of the $325M Citymapper raised in 2016.

SpaceX and NASA called off an astronaut launch to the International Space Station after an issue with the rocket’s ground system was detected with about two minutes left on the countdown clock. At the time of writing, the launch was rescheduled for Thursday, March 2.

Altria is planning to sell its 35% stake in Juul. This comes alongside news of a potential deal between Altria and NJOY. Altria has allegedly marked down Juul to $714M. Following its investment in the company, the Prime Unicorn Index had Juul valued near $40.4B.

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