Reconstitution Report

Q1 2023

About the Report

The Prime Unicorn Index added 3 constituents in its quarterly reconstitution for a total of 163 index components for Q1 2023. Currently, the median market cap is $2.36 billion and the Index’s total market value is $662 billion.

The following qualified as new index components this quarter with their valuations being greater than $1B:

Astera Labs, Inc.
Neuralink Corp
BigPanda, Inc.

The Q1 2023 Prime Unicorn Index Reconstitution Report provides more information on the new 3 constituents and how they compare against the Index.


About the Index

The Prime Unicorn Index is a modified market cap price return index that measures the share price performance of U.S. private companies valued at $1 billion or more. The price changes of component companies are calculated from publicly available information associated with company transactions, filings, and other disclosures. The index provides empirical data to asset managers and financial advisors interested in tracking today’s private capital markets. The index is designed for use in the creation of financial products and as a performance benchmark.

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