Q1 2022 Reconstitution Report

The Prime Unicorn Index added 12 constituents and dropped 10 in its quarterly reconstitution, for a total of 130 index components for Q1 2022. Currently, the median market cap is $2.54 billion and the Index’s total market value is $635 billion.

CityBlock Health, Catamorphic, Everlaw, Divvy Homes, Freenome Holdings, Papa, Agentsync, Betterment Holdings, Aircall.io, Expel, Cloudbees, and Human Interest qualified as new index components this quarter with their valuations being greater than $1B.

DigitalOcean, ACV Auctions, Compass, Coinbase, UiPath, Procore Technologies, SoFi, Marqeta, and Proterra all satisfied public trading day requirements and have been removed from the index.

ClassPass was acquired by MindBody and has been removed from the index.

The Q1 2022 Prime Unicorn Index Reconstitution Report provides more information on the new 12 constituents and how they compare against the Index.