Investor Highlight: General Catalyst

General Catalyst is one of the prominent investors in the U.S. Venture Capital space. We have seen them invest in top companies like Maplebear (Instacart), Devoted Health, and Gusto.

We most recently saw one of their portfolio companies, Lessen, file for a new preferred stock round that could bring in $400 million in equity for the company. We took a look further into General Catalysts investments, including Roman Health Ventures, Cityblock Health, Relativity Space, Olive AI, Remote Technology, Mark 43 and others that would not fit on the graph.

After combing through the data we did find that General Catalyst is a well diversed player in the “field”, or in this case the Prime Unicorn Index sample data. A majority of their financing rounds seem to be later, rather than a Seed or Early Stage. Almost 85% of the deals analyzed from this sample had a Pari Passu liquidation preference for the preferred stock terms. Meaning upon a liquidation event the preferred stock will get paid out equally at the same time (vs. a senior preference like SpaceX is prone to use).


We also took a look at Primary Industry (a tough one because Software seems to be overtaking the world, I mean data). Primary Industry is a very generalized term we are going to use here as we tried our best to group the companies into only one Industry. Here is what the breakdown looks like for General Catalyst:

Regions also proved to be very well diversified for General Catalyst as well. Obviously we can see some pattern recognition with Software and Silicon Valley. But it is nice to see that they have invested in companies HQ’d in NY, New England, the Midwest and the Southwest.

The Prime Unicorn Index is currently tracking 160 companies with valuations of $1 billion or more to be considered into the index. Components must be headquartered in the U.S. and be privately held. For more information on the Prime Unicorn Index, please visit

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