Freenome Raises $254 Million Down Round

Freenome, a Prime Unicorn Index component once valued at $2.6 billion, recently raised a $254 million Series F down round. Freenome is a biotechnology company specializing in developing blood tests for early cancer detection. Using artificial intelligence and advanced genomics, Freenome aims to identify cancerous cells in the bloodstream early, potentially improving treatment outcomes and […]

Bolt to Buy Back Shares at 97% Markdown

Bolt Financial (DBA: Bolt), a Prime Unicorn Index component last valued at $9.2B, is planning to buy back shares from its investors at a $300 million valuation, a significant markdown from its last fundraising round in January 2022, according to The Information. Bolt is an e-commerce technology company that focuses on simplifying the checkout experience […]

Inari Raises $103 Million Series F Round

In January, Inari authorized a Series F flat round, which we covered here. Now, the company has announced a $103 million raise, bumping its valuation to $1.7B.  “These investments represent further external validation of Inari’s innovative technology and confidence in our creation of significant economic and environmental value by delivering our breakthrough, nature-positive products to […]

IPO Update: Unicorns Gearing up for 2024 IPOs

Overview In September, we highlighted several Prime Unicorn Index components poised for IPOs. Now, two of these companies, Rubrik and Astera Labs, are moving toward their public debuts in the coming months. This update will look at both of these companies and the implications this could have on the IPO landscape in 2024. Astera Labs […]

Anthropic Authorizes Series D: Share Price Jumps 167%

Earlier this week, we introduced Anthropic as a new component of the Prime Unicorn Index. Just recently, the AI giant has filed a new COI that authorized a Series D round at $30 per preferred share, a significant increase in share price from its Series C preferred price of $11.54. This round gives Anthropic a […]

Anthropic Joins the Prime Unicorn Index

Anthropic, PBC, one of the newest components of the Prime Unicorn Index for Q1 2024, is an artificial intelligence (AI) company founded by former members of OpenAI. The company develops general AI systems and large language models with a focus on ethical principles. One of its notable products is Claude, an AI model designed to […]

Introducing Lightmatter to the Prime Unicorn Index

Overview Lightmatter, one of the newest components of the Prime Unicorn Index for Q1 2024, is making waves in photonic computing. The company is focused on developing light-powered chips to accelerate AI’s computation capabilities. By leveraging light for computing, Lightmatter aims to address the growing demand for more efficient and powerful processing units, particularly in […]

Q1 2024 Reconstitution Update

This week, the Prime Unicorn Index underwent its quarterly Reconstitution. In this post, we will highlight changes to the index components. The Prime Unicorn Index is the standard bearer for private markets benchmarking. Reflecting the broader private market, the Index is down 7.09% over the last year. Following Q1 2024’s Reconstitution, the total component count […]

Discord Lays Off 17% of its Workforce

Discord, a Prime Unicorn Index component and popular chat app, has recently implemented significant layoffs, affecting a notable percentage of its workforce. According to an internal memo obtained by The Verge, the company has laid off 17% of its staff, or 170 employees. This decision represents the most extensive workforce reduction in Discord’s history, following […]

Comparing ’40 Act Fund Exposure to the Prime Unicorn Index

Navigating the intricate realm of venture capital and high-growth tech investments, Fidelity, Wellington Management, and T. Rowe Price emerge as key players with unique approaches. This analysis delves into their distinct investment strategies, particularly their ’40 Act funds, and evaluates their performance against and exposure to the Prime Unicorn Index using data from our Benchmark […]