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New Components: Q2 2023

Last week was Reconstitution week for the Prime Unicorn Index, meaning companies meeting the eligibility requirements were added as components, while those who have lost their unicorn status were removed, according to the methodology. This quarter, we are excited to...

Prime Unicorn Index Falls 4.31%

Industry Leading Benchmark tracking U.S. Venture Capital-Backed Unicorns has significant downward price movement as companies reprice their private securities to reflect current fair market valuations more accurately.

Recent Changes in Talkdesk’s Leadership

Recently, Prime Unicorn Index component Talkdesk has been changing its leadership and hiring many new executives. These hirings include William Welch as President and COO, Shane Evans as CRO, and Andrew Dubrov as CCO. According to Business Wire, Welch will work...

AI in the Prime Unicorn Index

Lately, many venture funds’ attention has turned to AI startups. For example, companies such as Salesforce have recently launched AI-specific funds, and VCs have been allocating more funds to generative AI, with as much as $2.1B dedicated to the space in 2022, a 425%...

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